How to Preserve and Use Aloe Vera Gel as Natural Skin Care

Aloe vera gel has long been known for its healing properties. It has been used since the ancient time not only in beauty treatments but also medical treatments. Everyone who loves natural skin remedies know about the skin benefits of aloe vera gel (the marketing information in the internet is overwhelming) but little do people know that the aloe gel works best when FRESH. Aloe vera loses its potency for healing when cut and left to oxidize.

Aloe Vera Gel Skin Benefits
Aloe vera cut into small pieces

How to prepare fresh aloe vera gel from aloe vera plant (for topical applications)?

Make Your Own: Skin Firming Mask for Face and Body

Cocoa powder is one of my favorite ingredients for DIY homemade masks. I started making it one fine afternoon when I realized I have a small packet of expired cocoa powder (oops!) sitting in my kitchen cabinet. I’m one loathe to waste. No one in the house will eat the expired cocoa powder but my skin still loves it! I went ahead and indulge myself with a chocolaty mask and been in love with it ever since.

Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder in face and body masks

How does cocoa powder benefits the skin?
Cocoa powder is rich in antioxidant that helps get rid of free radicals in the skin. It helps repair the skin, firming and adds a glow to your skin...

Working with BEESWAX in Cold Process Soap Making

BEESWAX in cold process soap making can be challenging at times; you have to be prepared to work fast and act quickly when working with beeswax. Experience really pays off when it comes to unexpected incident during the soap making process when experimenting with new ingredients or recipes!

Handmade Soap - Beeswax for Cold Process Soap
Picture: White beeswax pellets and yellow beeswax pellets used in my handmade body & bath recipes. Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees.

Cocoa and Milk Soap had been on my list of “soap to make” for a while now.  I liked my cocoa face and body mask (well, it’s a homemade mask made of cocoa powder that I sometimes make for myself) a lot.  Liking this mask has inspired me to make Cocoa Soap.  I would like the soap ingredients to have beeswax so I was excited when...

Where to Buy Soap Making Oils in Malaysia?

When I first started making soap, I had hard time finding the ingredients for my soap recipes. Now that I know where to find them, I’d like to share with fellow soap-makers in Malaysia. Although Malaysia is an oil producting country (coconut oil, cocoa butter...) we can barely find cheap ones selling in the hypermarkets. Cheap or not, castor oil is another hard-to-find item yet a common oil in soap making.

Common cooking oils often used in soap-making

Here’s where you can find these oils…

Working with MILK in Cold Processed Soap

Every soapers know to work with milk in soap means to be very careful with the temperature. When making soap with high sugar liquid such as milk and honey, the temperature needs to be kept low at all time to prevent scorching the milk or burning the honey (there are other methods when working with honey, we'll share to you soon).

Working with Milk in Cold Processed Soap
Cold Processed Soap made with Fresh Goat's Milk

When lye (NaOH, we’re talking bar soap here) is added to water, the exothermic reaction causes temperature to rise tremendously, likewise when adding lye to milk. The process has to be done slowly and carefully. Many soapers shared their methods and tips and each of them has their own saying as to the BEST METHOD when working with milk in soap.

Coffee and Milk Soap Disaster

Despite being so careful when working with milk in soap, we have a failed Coffee and Milk Soap which got overheated due to the belated gel phase.

Coffee and Milk Soap with white spots all over

As usual, ingredients for the Coffee and Milk Soap recipe were measured, lye added to milk which has been frozen in cubes...


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